Rexnord Addax®
Addax Composite Cooling Tower Couplings


Rexnord Addax
Cooling Tower Coupling

Lightweight, floating shaft spacer coupling specifically designed for the harsh rigors of cooling tower applications.

Rexnord® offers Addax® products to satisfy all your cooling tower coupling needs. Floating shaft couplings are used to connect units which are relatively far apart. Such arrangements are particularly suited to transmit power into areas where moisture, dust or corrosive conditions would adversely affect the driving machinery. Typical applications include cooling tower fan drives, paper machinery, printing press, pumps and compressors.

The Addax® coupling are designed and manufactured specifically for cooling tower applications. Performance ratings and materials of construction are in accordance with the Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) standards and specifications.

Composite floating shafts can also be utilized to provide lighter weight, longer spans or higher speeds than can be achieved with steel tubes. Rexnord® can design and manufacture light weight, advanced composite couplings to suit your needs.

Rexnord Addax Coupling - Product Specification

  • Configured-to-order based on application requirements
  • Custom spacer lengths up to 275 inches (7,000 mm)
  • Continuous torque ratings up to 36,200 lb-in (4,090 Nm)
  • Up tp 500 HP
  • Shaft diameters up to 12.75 inches  (324mm) and bore capacity up to 5.06 inches (128,5mm)
  • Dynamically balanced to meet ISO 1940 G6.3 requirements as standard

Spacer & Flange Material: 
Addax LRF, Addax LRA, Addax LRH, Addax LRR, Addax LRX

Modell Series: 
350.275, 375.275, 450.275, 485.338, 485.425, 485.625, 575.425, 575.625, 575.825, 650.425, 650.625, 650.825, 850.625, 850.825, 850.1025, 850.1275

Why choose Rexnord Addax Couplings?

Lightweight, floating shaft spacer coupling specifically designed for the harsh rigors of cooling tower applications.

Proven & Trusted Performance

With over 70,000 couplings installed across the world, Rexnord Addax is the most specified coupling globally in the cooling tower industry. Customers continually select Addax Composite Couplings when dependable performance is a must.

Rapid Installation & Maintenance

The advanced composite, full-floating center section weighs less than 25% of a
comparable steel spacer. Most Addax coupling assemblies weigh less than 100
pounds, often times eliminating the need for cranes and special lifting equipment
and assisting maintenance personnel in handling and installation. 

Extends System Life

Lightweight advanced composite materials used in Addax® couplings increase
the critical speed, reduce vibration and extend bearing life. When compared to
alternative metal couplings, the Addax coupling reduces overhung bearing loads
up to 80%. 

Eliminates Intermediate Bearings

The rigid center member and light weight design of the Addax coupling span the
distance from motor to gearbox, without intermediate support bearings. 

Technical Data - Catalog

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Addax Product Sheet

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2D / 3D Configurator

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Installation manual

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Installation video

In this video, learn how to install Rexnord's Addax Composite Couplings

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Rexnord Addax - Product Numbers

Complete coupling

Model Number, Material Number

LRF 350.275, 600638

LRF 375.275, 600641

LRF 450.275, 600644

LRF 485.338, 600648

LRA 350.275, 600639

LRA 375.275, 600642

LRA 450.275, 600645

LRA 485.338, 600649

LRA 650.425, 600654

LRA 850.625, 600667

LRR 350.275, 600640

LRR 375.275, 600643

LRR 450.275, 600646

LRR 485.338, 600650

LRR 485.425, 600651

LRR 485.625, 600653

LRR 650.425, 600655

LRR 650.625, 600657

LRR 650.825, 600659

LRR 850.625, 600668

LRR 850.825, 600670

LRX 450.275, 600647

LRX 485.425, 600652

LRX 650.425, 600656

LRX 650.625, 600658

LRX 650.825, 600660

LRX 850.625, 600669

LRX 850.825, 600671

LRX 850.1025, 600672

LRX 850.1275, 600673


Components: Flexible Element

Coupling Size, Material Number

350.275SS, 200917-350

375.275SS, 200917-375

450.275SS, 200917-045

485.338SS, 200917-048

485.425SS, 200917-048

485.625SS, 200917-048

650.425SS, 200917-065

650.625SS, 200917-065

650.825SS, 200917-065

850.625SS, 200917-085

850.825SS, 200917-085

850.1025SS, 200917-085

850.1275SS, 200917-085


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